Arisland - Irish Red Setters, Jadwiga Konkiel

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In Arisland live with us: Dollar, Valencia, Nighty, Penny, Julia, Lola & Daisy.
Other dogs have great homes that only you can imagine. At this point I would like to thank
my friends for the care and love which they give to our dogs.

Jr.Ch.Blr, Jr.Ch.Ua Quinniver's Old Time Rock 'N' Roll ( imp. USA ) - "Ian"

Multi Ch, V-ce Zw.Św, Eur American Dollar z Arislandu - "Dollar"

Ch. Silver Bells z Arislandu "Shilla"

Int.Sh.Ch Night In Blue z Arislandu "Daisy"

Gardensett Gina Lollobrigida z Arislandu "Lola"

Ch, Pl.Jr.Ch Julia Roberts z Arislandu "Julia"

Pl.Jr.Ch, Pl.Ch, Zw.Eur Śr-Wsch Salford Princess z Arislandu "Paris"

Pl.Ch, Lt.Ch, Ua.Ch, BOG, BIS USS Pensylwania z Arislandu "Penny"

Multi Ch, Pl.Jr.Ch, Pl.Ch USS Virginia z Arislandu "Ira"

Pl.Jr.Ch, Pl.Ch, Pl.Club Winner Sylwester Night z Arislandu "Nighty"

Pl.Club Winner Vicary's Design ( Belgium imp. ) "Lara"

Pl.Ch Tarendell Valencia ( UK imp. ) "Valencia"

Multi Ch. This Magic Moment z Arislandu "Maggie"

Pl.Ch That Old Black Magic z Arislandu "Greta"

Pl.Ch Błękitne Bolero z Arislandu "Zula"

Pl.Ch, Ch.Blr American Dream z Arislandu "Dreama"

- Click on the name of the dog to see its pictures -

Inter Ch, Multi Ch, Ch.Pl, Blr, Lt Shandwick Topaz ( imp. UK ) - "Topaz"

JWW Tramperus Millenium z Arislandu "Jenny"

Multi Ch, Club Winner Zapach Jaśminu z Arislandu - "Jaśmin"

Pl.Jr.Ch Emma Dla Arislandu Nowa Irlandia "Emmi"
JWW Alma dla Arislandu z Tobółki "Diana"

Multi Ch. Vicary's Xuni ( imp. Belgium ) "Ivi"

Ch.Pl Navan Angel Eyes z Arislandu "Angie"

Ch. Pam's Dream z Arislandu "Pami"

Ch. USA, Ch.Pl Regalaire Strike Up The Band ( imp. USA ) "Murphy"

Ch. USA, Ch.Pl Quinniver's Cardinal Song ( imp. USA ) "Szon"

Ch.Pl Stormbelt v.d. Westerhuy ( imp. The Netherland ) "Wek"

Ch.Pl Eldo z Hubertowych Włości "Come-back"

Ch. USA, Ch.Pl Regalaire Lady Guinevere ( imp. USA ) "Jenny"

Ch.Pl Morena Mahagon Moravia ( imp. Czech Republic ) "Morena"

Ch.Pl First Ballina at Ad Absurdum ( imp. Hungary ) "Viki"

Ch.Pl Arisa Aria z Arislandu "Arisa"

Ch.Pl Arisa Aria z Wilanowskich Pól "Arisa"

Our lovely dogs: