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Setters in Poland

      In Poland, at the turn of the 20th century Setters were relatively popular dogs. Big land property with neighboring wild forests full of wild game was shrinking. Big game hunting was becoming rare and horseback hunting with a pack of dogs was reduced to a rather symbolic role. More attention was now paid to rational game economy, hares and fowl becoming the most popular type. Setters turned out to be a great help there and their art of field work could satisfy each hunter's "esthetic" needs, whose ancestors and their ancestors would engage in hunts on great scale. Te most numerous British long-haired pointers could be found in the Mazovia region, in the South, and North-Eastern parts of the country.

      World War I ended the spread of Setters. After Poland's independence in 1918, Setters regained their popularity. Setter Klub was founded in Warsaw.

      The president of this organization was Bazyli Przychod¼ko. It registered 136 English Setters and only 14 Irish and 5 Scottish ones.

      World War II was equally disastrous for dogs and for people, and lots of the dogs perished Their pedigrees and other documents were lost. The unidentified survivor dogs were all entered by the Polish Dog Breeders Association (ZKwP) into the Preliminary Book for the pedigree dogs of unknown origin. The dogs entered into it were marked with the notion of "parents unknown" (e.g. DOBOSZ (N - N)). Dogs were bred from the surviving specimens and the few imports. The pair WENDOWER MISTER (male) and POLINK SAOR EALA (female) played a significant role in reconstructing the breed in Poland - both from renowned English kennels and the gift from Colonel Stanis³aw Nowicki to ZKwP.

      At the beginning of the 1960s Irish Setters were presented at dog shows in small numbers or as single specimens: The ones of unknown origin and the first ones bred after the war. The Irish Setters of the kennel name "Olimp" from Mrs. Teodozja Osińska from Zabrze, coming from the line of WENDOWER MISTER won of show and best of breed prizes.

      The dogs helped start several kennels, e.g. "z Hadesu", "ze Stefanówki", "z Rzeszowa", "z Piskorów", "z Grodu Polskiej Piosenki".

      GRYT ORION z Grabu, Winner ADIS z Trynku, IWO BOY z Olimpu, Ch. Winner. Rudi, EDWIN AMIGO z Portofino were the famous littermates of the 1960s. The last one was described in Krakow in 1971 as a dog without significant flaws, except for a little too delicate jaw and received the best opinion of the judges.

      The 1970s littermates included Ch. REDDI z Correbu, Ch. Winner. ATOS Sewilla, Ch. ATOS z Mahoniowego Rodu, AGAT z Piskorów, KIRIS Long Werg, LOTOS LORD ze Stefanówki, Winner and BEJ Speedy Dog. LOTOS LORD in 1972 in Krakow received very good marks and was placed ?. His competitor, ERIOT z Hadesu only received a good mark. LOTOS was described as a typical-sized dog, a little bright-eyed, legs located outwardly, typical dark coat, tail too high, slight distoclusion. The previous year, the winner was BEJ Speedy Dog, described as typical dog, very prominent in the withers, of even back and perfect leg positioning, with typical well-pigmented coat. BEJ was born in 1969 from Ch. RUDI and VENUS-TOSCA z Niebuszowa.

      In the early 1970s Halina and Jerzy ¬wiere³³o started their kennel "Rysi Wykrot" and ten years later they purchased Connemara's FRANCES from a kennel in Berlin. She became the first of the line of Irish Setters from "Rysi Wykrot". 1980s witnessed the beginnings of Jadwiga Konkiel's kennel. First puppies in "Arisland" were born by ARISA ARIA z Wilanowskich Pól. During Polish and foreign shows Connemara's FRANCES - FINGAL (Parents: Ch. Shamrock EDDI and Int. Ch. BERYL v.d. Aprather Muhle) brother was very successful. The dog collected a great pool of CWCs, CACIBs and was a multiple Winner of Brno and Czechoslovakia, Budapest and Hungary, Vienna, and Austria. He was also the Winner of Poland, Australia, Czechoslovakia and an Interwinner. His name can be found in the pedigree of every second Irish Setter in Poland. Chestnut's FINGALA, a special dog - son of European Winner 1984 DUTCH Apollo v.d. Westerhuy's and ANNETT Chestnut's was purchased in Germany. FINGAL earned the title of Junior Class World Winner in Vienna in 1986.

      IVOR Connemara's (CORMAC Connemara's - Ch. ELIZA Shamrock, came from the Dutch kennel v.d. Westerhuy's - GOLDFOILE'A (SINGING FOOLE v.d. Westerhuy's - ROYAL IMAGE v.d. Westerhuy's) and MISTY WHEATHER (Ch. WIJNILL TOPAZ - Ch. DUTCH APPEAL v.d. Westerhuy's). Our bitches mated with the Winner of Poland and Czechoslovakia from the "Connemara's" - World Winner and European Winner EDDI Shamrock, and also - in the Czechoslovakia in "Non Stop" kennel owned by Ms. Irena Rafalska. The 1980s brought about further improvement of the stock. In 1980 200 Irish Setters were registered in ZKwP and the numbers would grow. The most and the best puppies were the offspring of both FINGALS, IVOR, GOLDFOILE, FRANCES, and MISTY WHEATHER.

FINGAL Connemara's included BYE BYE BLUES z Arislandu, Ch. Winner of Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia , Austria; AMOR Jesienny Kasztan, Ch. ARAS Jesienny Kasztan, BETA Z Asbary, FAKIR z Mahoniowego Uroczyska, Int. Ch. SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY z Arislandu.

FINGAL Chestnut's Ch. WIST Wiosenne Przeloty.

IVORZE Connemara's Ch. Ch. ANTAJ z Palety, Ch. GOSTA II Rysi Wykrot, Ch. HIPPIS Rysi Wykrot.

GOLDFOILE'S v.d. Westerhuy's Ch. Winner of Poland, ARISA-ARIA z Arislandu.

FRANCES Connemara's and KANIS Bursztynowa Ikaria. Ch. FENIKS-BELL z Rysiego Wykrotu, and FANTA-BELLA z Rysiego Wykrotu.

MISTY WHEATHER's and FRANCES Connemara's Ch.Pl. IZAN Rysi Wykrot. Ch. Winner of Poland JOGA z Rysiego Wykrotu is a grandson of FRANCES and IVOR and son of FENIKS-BELL z Rysiego Wykrotu and Gosta Rysi Wykrot.

Recent imports include: from the Czech "Mahagon Moravia": Ch. Winners of Poland. MORENA, ELFIN, ENGLISH-STYLE, OPERA; from Hungary FIRST BALLINA At Ad Absurdum, from Holland Ch. STORMBELT v.d. Westerhuy's, from the United States Ch. Winner of Poland RAMBLIN RED FACE VALUE, Quinivers CARDINAL SONG and Ch. Regalaire STRIKE UP THE BAND.

Polish bitches were mated with foreign males: twice, Ch. Winner. Pl. ARISA-ARIA z Arislandu and once Ch. ULA-ULMA Rysi Wykrot - with Ch. of Poland VDH Ch. LINUSLESTEREM Chestnut's; additionally Ch. Winner of Poland MORENA Mahagon Moravia with Junior Class World Winner from Budapest 1996 SCANDAL v.d. Westerhuy's.

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