Arisland - Irish Red Setters, Jadwiga Konkiel

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American Setters in Poland

      The first American Setter brought to Poland was the six-year-old English Setter, the Fairray Interwinner DREAMING ORANGE DUKE (COOKI). The dog was purchased by Mrs. Halina Źwierełło to her kennel "Rysi Wykrot". COOKI, though rarely presented at dog shows, was a well-known and valued littermate. Just in his home "Lisi Wykrot" he mated e.g. in 1988 - Ch. TETYDA-KORA, in 1988,1989,1989 and 1990 - Ch. LUNA, in 1989 and 1991 - Ch. LEILA, siring several dozens of valuable pups, including several future winners who later started the breeding lines of English Setters in the 1990s.

      Another interesting dog, this time a Gordon Setter, is Pineridge JUSTY imported from the USA by the Borucki family from Katowice. The dog is currently 5 years old, but since he is very rarely presented at dog shows, he has not yet mated a single bitch. If this dog leaves no offspring, it will be another wasted opportunity for the Polish dog breeding, since the Setter has an excellent pedigree and could correct this and that in the exterior of the extraordinary Gordon Setters. I have judged this dog and I can say with all responsibility that he is a good-looking, correctly formed strong-boned dog, with a characteristic strong, male head, good backline, perfect positioning, coat and elegant movements. One drawback that he has is the shade of tan he has - a little dark,-and a little shallow ribcage for his height.

      The Irish Setters have been Poland's best. It has been the most popular English pointer breed in Poland. Moreover, the breed has been increasingly popular among hunters thanks to such working dogs as Mr. Darek Spisak's Ch. SHARON and Ch. SUNSHINE Tramperus. The field successes of these dogs have proved that Irish Setters are perfect hunting dogs, despite the popular belief that they are "spoilt lap dogs only fit to keep the ladies' company".

      In Poland, over the last 15 years, several dogs have been brought over from Germany, the Czech Republic, France and Holland, and only last year three specimens arrived from the USA almost at the same time. Let me tell the girl's story first.

      Her name is Ch.Pl Ramblin RED FACE VALUE, purchased for Ms. Magdalena Świętoń's and Mr. Marian Zaborowski's kennel "Psia Parafia". "Ramblin", since this is how most breeders here call her, is a daughter of a gorgeous American Winner, and the Westminster Show winner - Saxon's EVENING REFLECTIONS, and she has the pedigree of American top dogs. Ramblin RED FACE VALUE was first presented in 1996 at the International Dog Show in Poznań, where she was given CWC, CACIB, BOB, and BOG titles. Afterwards, she was presented for the rest of the season at many shows in Poland, where she frequently won and roused interest. "Ramblin" entered several foreign shows too - in Finland, Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

      She is the Polish pick for the VII Group FCI, chosen by the Klub Wyżła for the European Winner Show in Basel.

      Next two dogs imported from the USA to Poland live in Siedlce's Arisland. The younger, a 23-month-old Quinniver's CARDINAL SONG called "Szon", from Ms. Pam Schaar's kennel, is the son of the American winner pair, Ch. Tapestr's ROYAL VISlON x Ch. Quinniver's SONG BIRD and a grandson of top littermates such as: Meadowlarks Anticipation, Meadowlorks Interiude and Mc Carumon Marguis. "Szon" is an example of the American English Setter, characteristic for at least half Setters in the USA. The dog is tall - 71 cm in withers; of relatively light built; beautiful, slim neck; straight, long, dark coat; wide angle of hind legs; long, narrow head with no visible occipital protuberance and very elegant, flowy movements.

      Quinnivers CARDINAL SONG has been presented five times in Poland and won four CACIBs. He also entered Spring Field Trials, where he scored 121/140 points and received a 1st grade diploma.

      The second American import is the six-year-old Ch. USA Regalaire STRIKE UP THE BAND called "Murphy", owned by Ms. Jadwiga Konkiel and Ms. Małgorzata Korzeniowska. "Murphy" was born in a leading American kennel run by Ms. Barbara Riegle, the home of several dozens of America's winners, a dozen or so purchased by breeders from Canada, Mexico, Australia or even Japan.

      According to the official list published by the AKC, "Murphy" has won over 17 dog shows including 5 specialized ones. His father is the legendary Ch. USA Regalaire MUSIC MAN, who won the 100th Annual Special Club Show two years ago. He was judged the best among the 800 presented Irish Setters.

      Before coming to Poland, "Murphy" was a famous littermate in the USA. His offspring are multiple winners in the USA. This September, the first litter of "Murphy's" and Ch. SHARON Tramperus' pups arrived. The next planned mating will be his and Ch. Morena Mahagon Moravia.

      In Poland, Ch. USA Regalaire STRIKE UP THE BAND has been presented only once so far on the Lesser Poland and Galicia English Pointer Review in Nowy Sącz, where he won his first Polish CWC, BOB, BOG and the 3rd BIS position.

Jadwiga Konkiel